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If Polly is having difficulty with pronouncing your text, then you can train it to speak it correctly. You are limited to English US and Hindi, but Hindi is a unique language that most other TTS platforms don’t have. So, you’ll have a great software that will help you translate from English to Hindi and vice versa. Voice speed options come in handy when reading difficult text.

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However, there is a paid version available, if you need more advanced features. For instance, the gold membership gives you access to unlimited podcasts, making this a great choice for those wanting to get into online broadcasting.

However, the premium feature has over $10, so you can work with no ads, a full-screen mode, and has a quick access button to your Chrome’s toolbar. If simplicity is what you’re looking for in a text to speech service, and you’re tired of being bombarded by features you’ll never use, TextToSpeech.io is one of our favorites. This site is a simple, helpful tool that isn’t trying to sell you anything, so it can be refreshing when compared to some of the other choices.

Other than the variety of accents that are available, this text to speech service doesn’t even require an account to use, saving you the hassle of registration and logging in. You can even add breaks to your text, have the speaker emphasize words, whisper, and you can also alter the speed of the speech. TTS reader is a freeware software, meaning that you can download it and use it free of charge.

And with Text 2 Speech, you have over 5 voice speeds to choose from . This helps with getting your readings read out at a speed that’s easy to hear and comprehend.

As we mentioned before, since this program uses such detailed and realistic voice generator, it’s also a little more expensive. Twitch for Windows 10 Speech2Go uses a credit system in which one credit can convert up to 200 characters of speech. You can purchase 3 credits for $5, 10 credits for $15, and 50 credits for $65, all the way up to 5000 credits for $2750. Speech2Go is a more comprehensive program that offers a wide range of options to help you make your spoken text sound as realistic as possible. Speech2Go uses Ivona voices, all of which sound more realistic than a lot of the free alternatives that you’ll find available on the market.

  • The mixer can route its output to studio monitors and a recording device .
  • Other Core Audio interfaces provide application-level support, allowing applications to obtain audio or MIDI data in various formats and output it to files or output devices.
  • Core MIDI uses abstractions to represent MIDI devices and mimic standard MIDI cable connections while providing low-latency input and output.

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This gives you the ability to try out the software before paying full price. If you’re going to pay for it, you’ll be able to access to unlimited characters and improved support. Thus, we suggest that you use Amazon Polly so you can read faster and more efficiently. Also, notice how Polly doesn’t limit you to speaking only a few lines of text. For e-books, you could use Amazon Polly to help narrate the words with ease. As handy as it is basic speech integration, two things stand out from it.