Announcing our 2020 Asian Studies Catalog. Page through the editors:

Announcing our 2020 Asian Studies Catalog. Page through the editors:

Columbia University Press possesses long reputation for bringing the Asian classics to an Anglophone audience. The books we show you in this 2020 catalog continue that tradition, while also paying close focus on the more expensive role of Asia on earth. These publications span many areas in Asian studies—history, politics, literary studies, philosophy, faith, and film—and mirror the interdisciplinary and approach that is global of list.

Eugenia Lean’s Vernacular Industrialism in Asia explores exactly exactly how Chen Diexian (1879–1940) drew on wideranging literati interests and abilities—including a facility for languages—to become a fruitful contemporary business owner. Meanwhile, William Hedberg questions the extremely concept of a nationwide canon with japan Discovery of Chinese Fiction, and Tsuji Nobuo’s reputation for Art in Japan—now available in a full-color paperback edition—traces a tradition of creative manufacturing that continues to own significant impact on looks global.

One of the numerous outstanding philosophy and faith games in this year’s catalog, a few deserve unique attention.

Beef, Brahmins, and cracked guys can be an annotated critical election from B. R. Ambedkar’s classic work The Untouchables, which provides their speculative historic account of just just exactly just how the Dalits came to occur. Wisdom as being a lifestyle: Theravada Buddhism Reimagined is the work that is final of Collins; by reinterpreting Theravada texts and methods as guides to your growth for the self, it guarantees to improve the industry of Buddhist studies. And Buddhism and Medicine: An Anthology of Modern and modern Sources, modified by C. Pierce Salguero, completes their vast task to report the worldwide relationship that is historical Buddhism and medication.

Ever sold and politics, Columbia continues its long tradition of posting cutting-edge works that speak to Asia’s past and present. Read more