BPD Circle discord host! Please make sure to browse the rules whenever you join.

BPD Circle discord host! Please make sure to browse the rules whenever you join.

If you wish to speak to other people with BPD, make friends, help one another, and overall just make brand new connections in a secure destination, here is the host for you personally! This host has a section dedicated to data recovery and positivity, and aims to be an optimistic and supportive space and to help individuals inside their data recovery.

All you have to join the host is always to have BPD/BPD traits/be seriously questioning it; self dx is 100% fine ofc!

additionally, i will be good at spotting trolls and you will be fast to mute/kick/ban them, and certainly will have multiple mods here who are able to perform some exact same.

NOTE: listed here kinds of individuals are banned into the server: TERFs, truscum/transmeds, alt-right/facists/neo-nazies, pedophiles/MAPs, bigots, or anybody that supports/sympathises by using these teams.

Please DM me/send an off anon ask for a web link to become listed on!

Hey dudes this team is truly lesbophobic. I acquired kicked down and got plenty of hate for saying you should be a lesbian to express d*ke and you need to be a female to be a lesbian (I include trans feamales in that declaration) usually do not join this server

Really exactly what happened is a NB lesbian used the d slur, and you also, a cis person, chose to behave as an expert on sex and simply tell him he can’t be a lesbian. We kicked you cause you’re enbyphobic, simple and plain. I understand you’re gonna attempt to fight me personally into the replies therefore I’m saying now as a cis person I’m not gonna argue with you with this. Read more