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There might be many situations in which you would require an app data or cache to be cleared. For example, certain apps may store large amount of data that you no longer require. Or, you may wish to reset an app to its default state if it becomes faulty. The next time you use the app it will download everything it needs from the internet like it did the first time you used it. Clearing cached data does not clear other data like logins or saved games. First of all the interface is sharp, attractive and simple to use.

Google released a new magazine and news-reading app for Android today designed to bring all your daily reads together into one piece of software. For some publications, like The Wall Street Journal, there is a possibility you’ll want to keep the standalone subscription. While all of the WSJ’s content is available in Apple News+, the app is only going to surface "general interest" articles, which could make it difficult to find the full range of content offered.

  • Upgrade your trips with insight from a global community of locals.
  • The app is a handy extension of the brand’s web presence, allowing you to find events across the globe on your iOS or Android phone.
  • Subscription fee is much cheaper than what I was spending on buying magazines- I get to access more for less money!
  • But then, traveling abroad is all about doing and eating and seeing things you never could at home.

Three-digit emergency numbers vary around the world and few of us have time to memorize every single one. This app assesses cities and neighborhoods based on their safety conditions including violence, theft, human rights issues, and more. Whether you’re planning your itinerary weeks in advance or exploring a new city on a whim, be sure to check in with GeoSure before you go. Featuring a whole host of tools to help people explore new countries, Trip Lingo is a must-download for any traveler. A VPN is absolutely necessary for full-time travel bloggers, digital nomads, and those working abroad, and SaferVPN makes it easy to stay safe while you stay connected. They also can change their IP address to match their preferred location.

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These business travel apk apps help you travel in style, whether you need support at the airport or are just looking to sample the best local fare. If you travel regularly for business, you know how easy it is to feel out of your element. But with these apps on your hard drive, you’ll never have to feel like a fish out of water again. In case you want to avoid using your mobile data as much as possible on your trip (or you’ve run out of data!), WiFi Map can help you find free Wi-Fi spots in your area. These open networks are crowdsourced by the app’s users, who report on Wi-Fi spots, rate their connection and speed quality, and even list the passwords for them. WiFi Map purportedly contains information on more than 100 million Wi-Fi spots all across the world. If unexpected circumstances force you to change your flight plans, Skyscanner can help you search for another one, especially if you cannot or prefer not to spend a lot of money.

It can take the words that you type in or say aloud to your phone’s microphone and translate them to more than 100 languages. The app shows the translated words on your phone or tablet display or speaks it aloud in a digital voice. If you snap a picture of a sign, Google Translate can translate the words on it into another language. To help you save bandwidth, or if you won’t be able to use mobile data in a foreign country you’re visiting, you can download a translation library for that country’s language to your phone. DUFL is a unique service that eliminates the need to pack and travel with a suitcase. It sends you a suitcase that you fill with your clothes and other essentials such as toiletries. DUFL picks up this filled suitcase, cleans your clothes, and snaps pictures of your clothes and other items.

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Organize your expenses by trip or month, set a daily budget, add your expenses , and then review how you’re doing with the app’s insightful breakdowns. If you’ve got a long layover or need somewhere to crash for a few hours during the day, the Dayuse app lets you access a selection of hotels where you can book a room with up to 75% off an overnight stay.

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Therefore, though the android games mods can be a bit risky, the advantages are enormous enough to dominate each one of them. The leading utility of these mods is that they give access to the best features of the original application within no time.

Apps that accumulate cache over time include web browsers, social networking apps, and photo and video sharing apps. Note that clearing the cache does not delete anything from the app. This clears out temporary files for a certain app, frees up storage space, and can even resolve problems with that app.